Agreement Making 2


Agreement Making II is a three day program exploring the strategic management of agreement negotiations and understanding and managing contextual factors for better leverage. Drawing on the specialist expertise of a diverse range of presenters and guest speakers, the program particularly focuses on ensuring that agreements can be successfully implemented.

Past program topics have included:

  • Managing agreement making: a strategic approach for sustainable agreements
  • Preparation review: client interests, processes and resourcing
  • TO negotiator perspectives (different TOs each program)
  • Government and company perspectives
  • Understanding the project and how to source relevant information
  • Beyond the NTA: finding leverage in other legs and regs
  • Politics, PR and media management
  • Assessing the position(s) of the other side(s) and finding potential leverage
  • Managing the negotiations
  • Managing relationships during negotiations and for the long-term
  • Evaluating agreement provisions and closing the deal
  • After the agreement is signed: handing over to the native title group for implementation

Participants receive a program binder and disk containing materials to accompany each session, including summaries of significant cases referenced during the program.