Community Engagement Practices

Community Engagement Practices will provide an opportunity to deepen skills in a range of group engagement processes, challenge assumptions and explore how various methods interact.  It will draw on the experiences of practitioners as well as participants’ own expertise in the intensive community decision making environment of native title.  The program will benefit NTRB and PBC staff with responsibilities in areas of community liaison and decision making (including project officers, field officers, client service officers, community facilitators and PBC support officers).  Other staff involved in these processes may also attend. 

The program will include contributions from a number of experienced community engagement practitioners who will present and participate in the exploration of different methods and how they may inform practices in the native title context.  Open Space Technology (OST) will be used to structure the three days and participants will experience its methods of collaboration, dialogue and self-organisation.  The program will be relevant to those new to OST and those with previous experience seeking to deepen their skills and knowledge of this practice. 

The program aims to provide participants with:  

  • a robust forum for collaborative learning, and a safe environment to challenge assumptions about community engagement practices and explore what’s important in the native title context
  • knowledge of, and skills in the facilitation of Open Space Technology
  • the opportunity to explore a range of other engagement methodologies including ‘The Art of Hosting’ and  ‘Deep Democracy’.