Facilitation and Community Engagement Part 1

Introducing the tools, techniques and attitudes for effective facilitation


Facilitation for Community Engagement program is the first of two programs for NTRB staff who wish to develop their skills in small and large group facilitation.  The native title system is ‘meeting intense’ and a great deal is learnt on-the-job.  This program will build on these experiences from the field, and is designed for staff who are beginning to facilitate meetings, have experience as facilitators but no formal training, as well as those who wish to complete a ‘refresher’ on key areas of facilitation practice.  

Part 2 deepens knowledge and skills developed in this program.  These programs are being provided in response to NTRB staff requests and to support the development of a cohort of highly skilled facilitators available to the native title system.  
The program will cover:

  • micro skills (communication) and meta skills (neutrality) 
  • different facilitation methods and how they’re useful (eg emergent, decision focussed)
  • the facilitation and mediation responsibilities of NTRBs 
  • using rank and power well, reading group dynamics and working with conflict
  • designing and implementing engagement processes