For Host organisations

Since the inception of the Aurora Internship Program, 15 NTRBs (formerly 17), 12 PBCs and over 170 other Aurora Host organisations Australia-wide who work in the broader Indigenous sector, have hosted Aurora interns, namely: (Click on the following links to see a full list of host organisations)

                        Aboriginal Land Councils

                        Aboriginal Legal Services

                        Arts and Culture

                        Barristers/Legal Firms

                        Community Development/Ranger Programs

                        Community Legal Centres



                        Family Violence Centres

                        Government bodies

                        Health/Medical Services

                        Indigenous corporations

                        Justice Agencies


                        Social Welfare





  • What does it cost to host an Aurora intern?

    An agreement in principle has been reached with the Commonwealth to extend the Aurora Internship Program (the Program) through to the end of February 2019.  One of the agreed outcomes of the new contract supports improved outcomes for Indigenous organisations via intern support and cost effective recruitment. 

    Host organisations that are not Indigenous agree to pay the Aurora administration/management fee, which as of 15 March 2017 is set:

  • What to expect when hosting an Aurora intern

    An Aurora host organisation can expect:

  • Who are Aurora's interns?

    Aurora interns are students and graduates (including mature aged) who are academically strong with a keen interest in native title, land rights, social justice, policy development, health policy, community development and the environment - all within the the broader Indigenous sector. They offer their Host organisations assistance and support in the following areas:

  • What Aurora host supervisors say

    Below are some quotes from Aurora intern supervisors highlighting some of the most rewarding aspects of hosting Aurora interns.

  • What does an Aurora Host do?

    An Aurora Host organisation: