Internship Program

The Internship Program (the Program) aims to support under-resourced host organisations by introducing law, anthropology, other social science, business, communications and health science students and graduates to career opportunities in native title, land rights, policy development, social justice and the broader Indigenous sector.

The overall aim of the Internship Program is to facilitate individual professional development by building career experiences and opportunities in the sector, and to strengthen the capacity of Indigenous sector organisations by attracting and retaining talented Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.  We pride ourselves on having a transformational impact on the organisations we support and on the career aspirations of our internship alumni. 

  • About the Internship Program

    The Program commenced in 2004 with the placement of legal interns at a limited number of NTRBs and other organisations working in the broader Indigenous sector. To address the needs of anthropology and research staff at NTRBs and PBCs, the Program expanded to include anthropology students and graduates in 2006 and other social science (namely archeology, cultural heritage, environmental management, human geography, history and sociology) students and graduates in 2007.

  • For students and graduates

    Internships are offered to students and graduates with a background in law, anthropology and some social sciences. Academically strong and with a keen interest in native title, land rights, social justice, policy development, all with an Indigenous focus, interns offer under-resourced Host organisations assistance and support.

  • For Host organisations

    Since the inception of the Aurora Internship Program, 15 NTRBs (formerly 17), 10 PBCs and over 105 other Aurora Host organisations Australia-wide who work in the broader Indigenous sector, have hosted Aurora interns, namely: (Click on the following links to see a full list of host organisations)

  • Alumni

    As an Aurora alum, you will continue to be supported and informed by the Aurora Placements team on alumni news, career opportunities and more …..

  • Outcomes

    Internship Program - making a difference

    • Over 5,800 applications received.
    • 2,191 internships arranged have provided over 410,000 hours of additional capacity to more than 130 organisations working in the native title and broader Indigenous sector.
    • Approx. $16 million of cost savings and productivity gains. 
    • The Program has led to 542 internship alumni (27% of all alumni), including 18 alumni of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) decent, going on to be employed in Indigenous sector organisations.
  • Working in the Indigenous sector

    Paid placements

    Part-time, locum (2 to 11 mths) and full-time paid placement opportunities are available through Aurora, usually as a direct outcome of an unpaid placement. You should check the job network for employment opportunities.

    In general, we try to propose people for longer-term paid placements who have graduated and/ or who have completed an unpaid Aurora internship. This gives both the intern and the host organisation an opportunity for a 'try-out' work experience in the area.