Australian Capital Territory Corrective Services

My internship has inspired me to keep working within the Indigenous sphere​


Louise Newton, ACTCS

I have gained an incalculable amount of knowledge, insight, and hands‐on experience through my internship and every minute of my internship proved to be an invaluable learning opportunity.  

Louise Newton, ACTCS

The best aspects of the internship program for me were how well it was organised and set up well and truly in advance, the warmth and openness of the people who I interned with, and the comfortable environment which it gives you to learn and find out about areas it might otherwise be hard to gain work experience in.

Anna Holtby, ACTCS

The internship in particular highlighted the large disjunct between university (which is particularly theory-loaded), and the reality of policy-making and government.​

Louise Newton, ACTCS

During my time with ACTCS I was lucky enough to be given very interesting and high level work. I got to work on every stage of policy review including drafting the initial new policy based on the older, out-of-date one.  I now feel confident articulating the role and importance of policy, and feel that I have developed the tools to research and write policy for an organisation in a way that is reflective of its values and obligations.

Anna Holtby , ACTCS