Aboriginal Legal Service

Three words encapsulate my time at the Aboriginal Legal Service: rewarding, fast-paced and amazing. It reinforced to me how passionate I am in working in public justice and would love to end up working at the ALS one day.

Prue McDonald, ALS

What made this experience so rewarding was the people I worked with and their commitment to the organisation. I had great supervisors who provided me with guidance and support but also gave me challenging work and useful feedback.

Eliza Obery, ALS

This internship has taught me how to exercise initiative and be proactive.

Jennifer McCourtie, ALS

As an Aboriginal person, I realised the importance that the ALS plays in the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities including in my own region.

Stuart Larkins, ALS

As the saying goes, don’t be sad that it’s over, be glad that it happened. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work on these case summaries considering Aboriginality. I hope I am in a position to volunteer at the ALS again in the future.

Geena Kordek, ALS

To be involved in the internship program is an invaluable way to broaden your personal skills and knowledge, whilst being applied to a highly relevant and necessary cause.

Courtney Adamson, ALS

Undertaking this internship was a great experience, not only because it sharpened my legal research skills, but also because I could see that the work that I did would, even in the smallest way, be useful to the organisation.

Kara Gorey, ALS

During my time at the ALS I was really surprised by how little ‘admin work’ I was given, and how often I found myself working on something which felt really tangible.

Eliza Obery, ALS

Upon reflection, the internship experience has left an indelible mark on me. I have learned some valuable lessons that I wouldn’t have had the time to learn otherwise. In hindsight, I have had a positive experience: appreciating the lessons learned, skills gained, supervision received, and the professional relationships formed.  

Ara Daquinag, ALS

Undertaking a placement with ALS was a decision that I am mighty grateful for, as it lent me direction and exposure into alternative areas of legal work, such as policy work within the sectors of both Indigenous affairs and social justice.

Mohra Fazel-Ahmadzei, ALS

Ultimately it was a privilege to aid the community of ALS lawyers, staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to improve the outcomes for their client base and drive change for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. The perspectives I have adopted and skills I have learnt during my internship will remain with me throughout my legal career.

Natalie Dalpadado, ALS

Participating in the program was an enriching experience, not only because it sharpened my legal research skills, but also because I could see that the work that I did would, even in the smallest way, be useful to the organisation.

Kara Gorey, ALS

The internship program is an invaluable stepping stone for those interested in pursuing legal careers that contribute to social justice and that focus on the Indigenous sector.

Mohra Fazel-Ahmadzei , ALS

My five week at the ALS was one of the most incredible experiences of my law degree. It was so hands on and I enjoyed every minute. It shifted the pathway my career will take.  Working hands on in an area that is so rewarding and being surrounded by people who were enthusiastic and committed to ensuring Indigenous people have access to quality legal advice.

Prue McDonald, ALS

I realised quickly that I really enjoyed this aspect of legal work, such that I am now interested in scoping opportunities to work in criminal law at the local court level in the future.

Claire Schwager, ALS

I can honestly say that my time with the ALS has been the most rewarding and beneficial experience of my law degree to date. I learnt so many new things, relating to culture, legal processes, and office etiquette.  The most rewarding aspect of my placement was definitely the opportunity to learn more and become more involved within a remote Indigenous community.

Madeline Pywell, ALS

ALS Lismore provided me with opportunities to gain real experience working in this field. I observed the solicitors in all aspects of their role.  A number of students handed in their resumes to ALS during my time there, however going through Aurora gave me that foot in the door.

Emma Goodwin, ALS

I now have a greater understanding of the work involved in a community law centre dealing exclusively in the criminal jurisdiction.​

Adam Flynn, ALS

This experience has been a huge challenge! I have extended my research skills and learnt to work as an independent researcher.

Sarah Proust, ALS

Most rewarding part of the internship was knowing that my work ultimately assisted in the social justice/Indigenous and criminal justice sector; as well as meeting other inspiring and wonderful staff in the organisation; and, most especially, developing effective legal research skills that will assist in future studies and practice.  

Ara Daquinag, ALS

This experience has opened my eyes to the immense impact that public interest community legal centres can have on the lives of those who are disadvantaged in our community.​

Sarah Kennedy, ALS

Being placed in the ALS, I gained first hand insight at the scale of the operations of ALS and the criminal department.  As an intern, it was not only valuable to be able to gain valuable knowledge related to access to justice and the role of organisations such as ALS, but also to have the opportunity to contribute to the organisation.  It was an amazing platform on being able to discuss the social issues affecting our clients whilst simultaneously learning how to apply the legal system to resolving each case. 

Humayra Rabab, ALS

The Internships an invaluable opportunity to be exposed to the day to day practise of organisations involved in First Australian legal areas and give you an idea of the working culture of relevant organisations. ​

Ruben Tabuteau, ALS

I really appreciated having the opportunity to spend a lot of time observing the day-to-day operations of the office and continuously learning new skills and pieces of information from ALS members and employees.

Courtney Adamson, ALS

My time spent at ALS has been a rewarding experience and I can confidently say that I have gained  vital skills in areas where tertiary education falls short

Jefferson Boyd, ALS