Dugalunji Aboriginal Corporation/Indjalandji-Dhidhanu Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

I was able to witness firsthand the empowering impact that knowledge of history and pride in culture can have on people and I was also given the opportunity to work directly with Traditional Owners.  The mentoring that I received at the Myuma Group was also excellent.

Connor Dalgety, DAC/IDAC

I think that the Aurora placements team does a fabulous job of keeping people focused, reminding them of their responsibilities and the big picture, and making Aurora a valuable national resource

Lee Braden, DAC/IDAC

It was a privilege to work with important material in a 'real-life' setting, and especially with the Connection Report for the current Native Title claim. I also had limited, but valued, interaction with the Traditional Owners.

Lee Braden, DAC/IDAC

I found the most rewarding aspect of the placement to be the interaction with such a diverse array of people. The camp at Dugalanji Aboriginal Corporation was a melting pot of perspectives on native title and cultural heritage management.  

Clare Ammenhauser, DAC/IDAC