FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

First Nations Legal and Research Service

I felt like I was not just an intern but part of a bigger team here. The staff treated me as though I worked here, and I was given tasks and undertook work that was challenging but made the overall internship an amazing learning experience.

Hannah Neumayer, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

It has been such an instructive and interesting learning-experience for me, and a rewarding way to end my time here in Australia

Annemarie van der Meer, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

I feel very privileged to have been invited on such a trip and to have had the opportunity to take part in an Aurora internship. It has far exceeded my expectations. 

Jenny van Veldhuisen, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

The internship gave me the opportunity to challenge my views, get a taste for the technical elements of preparing connection materials for a claim and ascertain something about the motivations of others working in the sector.   My deep respect and appreciation for the role of anthropologists and historians in native title has increased exponentially over my six weeks with NTSV.

Nina Kojovic, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

The Aurora program is water tight! Your care and concern for all interns is astounding. I just want to express my deepest gratitude for the experience. The best aspects were meeting other interns and exposure to the native title and land rights sector.

Militza Banach-Wightman, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

I would thoroughly recommend the internship program to anyone with an interest in indigenous law and policy. I was able to engage in and complete extremely interesting tasks, as well as observing the work and purpose of an NTRB. I feel that native title law is definitely an area that I would be interested in working in.

Meghan Tait, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

This internship has given me a greater depth of knowledge on the broad range of roles that anthropologists undertake in the Native Title sector. I have been lucky to have the opportunity to engage with colleagues on their work, methodologies and the issues that sometimes arise in this field. 

Rosie-Jean Jones, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

The time I spent at NTSV was profoundly thought-provoking, enriching and interesting, with the work I engaged in requiring deep understandings of Indigenous culture and history, as well as the complex law that administers the field.  It was an amazing experience to be directly involved in a professional and friendly atmosphere in such a way that profoundly strengthened my goal of becoming a native title lawyer.

Elsie Francis, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

My internship with NTSV allowed me to I understand the depth and complexity of native title; how it’s difficult, frustrating and questionable at times, yet how it can still be important, inspiring and an amazing undertaking. I hope to continue my career in this direction, thanks to the wonderful staff and their high expectations of me at NTSV.

Hannah Neumayer, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

Overall, the time here has given me insights into how to be able to shape a more coherent and original argument when writing. It has given me high levels of motivation for my next step into social policy and research.

Lauren Carter , FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

The internship has been such a great experience.  Native title law wasn’t really even a career I had considered.  However, after six weeks at NTSV, I definitely feel motivated to work in this area, and will be seeking to find employment in NTRBs in the future. 

Meghan Tait, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

The most rewarding aspect of my placement would be the ability to watch huge efforts in legal research be transformed into a submission that directly address the human condition and practically suggests solutions to current inadequacies.
The highlight of this internship has been realising how much variety there is in the legal work done by native title lawyers. I was not expecting this and it has really attracted me to this sort of work.

Gabrielle Sammon, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

Working for six weeks at Native Title Services Victoria (NTSV) has given me an invaluable insight into the workings of an NTRB and the application of State and Commonwealth laws on native title. 

Meghan Tait, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

I feel very fortunate to have been placed at NTSV, and I am strongly considering a career in native title.  

Laura Forman, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

I have met many inspiring people with common interests and my learning experience has been complex and dynamic, providing a great platform for reflection and personal development.​

Alice McBurney, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

I was pleasantly surprised at the breadth of work that I was able to undertake, as well as the extensive knowledge and skills that I took away from the experience.  Perhaps most importantly, I came away feeling much more positive about the system of native title in Victoria than when I began.  It’s been fantastic to learn so much about this area of law and get a real insight into what it would be like to work in this area.

Bridget Lorenz, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

The internship was a great way to confirm to myself that working in Indigenous affairs is definitely the career path that I would like to work in when I graduate.  

Alice Rickard, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

I can confidently share that this placement has been the most beneficial experience both professionally and personally. I can see myself growing not only in confidence, but on my overall perspective on what pathway I can take after I finish my degree and what industry I see myself working in.

Abbey Hoolahan, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

NTSV is a place that I will miss but look back on in the coming years fondly. I am sure that some of our paths will cross in the future as I look forward to potentially working in either Native Title or Indigenous Justice someday.​

Ryann Barritt, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

I am very grateful to have had such an experience and I feel very privileged that I can go into my final year of uni with some practical experience that will help me in choosing my future career.

Gabrielle Sammon, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

I really enjoyed completing such a varied range of tasks throughout the internship. I took away a lot of legal skills from the tasks. It was incredibly valuable to learn about this area first hand and see what it would be like to work in this area of law.

Bridget Lorenz, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

The best aspects of the internship was to be given the opportunity to gain a first-hand experience of the internal workings of the native title system in Australia, to learn from lawyers actively practicing in the field, and to see the difference that their work makes to traditional owners.

Sean Mulcahy, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

Working at NTSV provided me with a plethora of valuable experiences, including the opportunity’s to immerse myself in a dynamically diverse workplace and learn from anthropological and legal perceptions of native title in terms of its application and ensuing results.  The program offers the opportunity to take part in a transformative experience that enhances your knowledge regarding issues faced by Indigenous communities and inspires your future study and work life.

Elsie Francis, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

It was great to begin my legal career at such a professional and supportive organisation that gave me the opportunity to gain an abundance of valuable knowledge, increase leadership, teamwork and research skills and reaffirm my passion for working in this area.

Elsie Francis , FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

The most rewarding aspects of the internship was the ability to undertake practical work that had a visible impact on the organisation and native title holders and undertaking work that challenged me intellectually

Sean Mulcahy, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

This experience has definitely propelled me to continue learning about and looking into work in the native title field.

Hannah Neumayer, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

The most salient aspect of my internship at NTSV was the quality of the mentoring that I received. I believe that this resulted in significant professional development. I was also able to progress my professional development due to the type of tasks that I was given.

Connor Dalgety, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

This internship has given me practical and guided research experience, invaluable and contextualising “real-life” field exposure, and a growing sense of confidence about my own research skills and future trajectory within the field

Stefania Capogreco, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

I have met many inspiring people with common interests and my learning experience has been complex and dynamic, providing a great platform for reflection and personal development.

Alice McBurney, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

I am very grateful to have had such an experience and I feel very privileged that I can go into my final year of uni with some practical experience that will help me in choosing my future career.

Gabrielle Sammon, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

Having the opportunity to attend on country meetings was one of the most rewarding aspects of my placement. Not only was I able to see the work I have been working on being presented to the traditional owners, I was able to hear the stories of traditional owners and gain a greater understanding of indigenous culture.

Jessica Roberts, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

My internship has provided me with a means of understanding the dedicated and comprehensive work that takes place within Indigenous services and has reinforced my passion for working in this field in the future.

Elsie Francis , FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

All in all the internship has been a very instructive learning-experience. It has, moreover, been a very unique and enriching experience for me personally, since back home we do not have organisations like NTSV or an Indigenous population at all.  I now have a broader understanding of native title and Australian Indigenous affairs and this will be so useful in my further academic studies.

Annemarie van der Meer, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

The most 'rewarding' aspect of my placement was definitely being exposed to professional legal research tasks. Students are taught to produce in-depth research within a particular area, however a practising lawyer will be focused on finding a precise answer to a specific legal problem or situation. This was extremely rewarding to discover and also extremely challenging to learn.

Michael Falcao, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

My expectations were exceeded greatly. My interest in native title has furthered and once completing my law/arts degree I aim to look for work within the native title field. The internship program has defiantly been my favourite placement I have undertaken! The program is run extremely well!

Jessica Roberts, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

My internship gave me great exposure to working in Indigenous affairs and has made me even more determined to pursue a career in this field. It was challenging at times to be exposed to the struggle of Traditional Owners and the injustices of the past and present. But it was uplifting to be part of an organisation which is all about their empowerment.

Themis Scanlan, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

My internship was a humbling and inspiring experience in equal measure that renewed my enthusiasm for the law.

Jenny Van Veldhuisen, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

My time as an anthropology intern at NTSV opened my eyes and mind to the complexities of native title whilst creating an aspiration to work in the area.

Sarah Smith, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

Through my internship I have gained an awareness of the impact of Australia’s colonial history, the importance of post-settlement records and the ethnographic work of anthropologists, all of which have a rawness which makes you feel something about the work you are doing.

Nina Kojovic, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

Anthropology can be a difficult area to break into, so to have the opportunity to prove myself and establish links with such a fantastic organisation was truly invaluable.

Jacinta Perry, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

For me, I think the most rewarding aspect of my placement was being able to help facilitate (in a small way) the reclamation of Indigenous land rights for Victorian Traditional Owners. I was also able to develop my initiative and independent research skills.

Luther Lyon, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

It has been such a tough learning curve for me interning at NTSV but I'm so thankful for the experience which has opened up my mind about my career options and how to best utilise both my law and anthro background.  

Van Le, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

Thank-you all (Aurora team) - you have given me the kick-start I needed to get out there and work in a field that I am actually passionate about.

Christina Scibilia, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

My now deeper understanding of an anthropologist’s role in native title has also enlightened me to career opportunities I otherwise would not have known. The most rewarding part of my experience was seeing a continuous improvement in the work I was producing and the way in which I was able to apply an anthropologically-oriented way of thinking to various genres of work.

Amelia Sumner, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)