I was motivated to pursue this career avenue more than I had perhaps expected. It has always been something I wanted to do, but this placement reaffirmed this passion​

Lucy McFarlane, Jumbunna

One aspect that I found rewarding was being at Jumbunna and seeing the integration of the legal research and advocacy projects that they lead with other social change and storytelling projects such as Winda Film Festival, in order to maximise impact. That was really refreshing. I really enjoyed being part of such a small team bringing together an international festival.

Jaynaya Dwyer, Jumbunna

It was rewarding, and unexpected to be able to work so closely with prominent academics who produce really important work.​

Lucy McFarlane, Jumbunna

By the end of my internship with Jumbunna, I had developed a strong understanding of how litigation can be used as a tool to influence broader social change.  I learnt a lot about litigation and it’s potential to incite reform and impact policy and my time on placement involved a steep learning curve.

Emily Treeby, Jumbunna

I was able to engage in nuanced policy discussion, learn from renowned academics and receive valuable career guidance.​

Lucy McFarlane, Jumbunna

The degree of professional trust placed in me by the supervisor was unexpected and challenged me to produce the best work I could.  To have an internship that demands this level of professional trust and competence is a rare find for any law student in their third year.

Jarri Syed, Jumbunna

Taking part in research at Jumbunna has enabled us to examine current legal issues within a broader historical framework, giving us an opportunity to gain insights into some of the current legal issues that have the capacity to affect disproportionate numbers of Indigenous people.​

Katherine Booth, Clara Staples and Julianne Toglap, Jumbunna

I can safely say that I have never been more intellectually challenged, a refreshing change from university assignments, and I have never been entrusted with as much responsibility before.


Rachel Gregory, Jumbunna

This was all such an amazing experience and it's really broadened my mind and made me think long and hard about which career path I want to take.  

Shannon Bowes, Jumbunna

It has been inspirational to intern under the supervision and in close proximity to passionate legal advocates who are campaigning tirelessly through research and submissions to relevant organisations for change and improvements to Australia’s legal system and our society. ​

Lara Staples, Jumbunna

I appreciate having had an opportunity to gain insights into some of the current legal issues that have the capacity to affect disproportionate numbers of Indigenous people.​

Lara Staples, Jumbunna

My experience at Jumbunna was hugely positive. I would recommend it to anyone, and advise them to make the most of their time there, because it will fly past!  

Giridhar Kowtal, Jumbunna

I also enjoyed getting to know people who are inspiring in their commitment to Aboriginal issues and spending time around them has renewed my fervour in pursuing a career in the area.

Rachel Gregory, Jumbunna

Motivated by those at Jumbunna, I am impassioned to pursue this work and feel very fortunate to have been placed here.​

Lucy McFarlane, Jumbunna

Overall this internship has not just increased my knowledge of Indigenous legal issues but has also widened my perspective of the way I look at the law and the legal system.

Amber Boatman, Jumbunna

With all the current debate at the moment about the merit of unpaid internships, I have to say that the Aurora internship was worth the financial sacrifice. The area I was working in is what I want to do for the rest of my life, so the lessons I will take away from it are priceless.

Rachel Gregory, Jumbunna