Just Reinvest/Maranguka

Just Reinvest/Maranguka

Working on the Community Toolkit provided me with an insight into the intersection between state policy and the law, and how law reform can be achieved. The people that I was able to meet and hear about was also inspirational. Above all, I take away a deep appreciation for the work of not-for-profit organisations, and a strong passion for justice reinvestment in Australia.

Holly Frederickson, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

It was mind-blowing to watch and be part of the collaboration of the existing services which come together under Maranguka’s umbrella.  Inspirational is an understatement to witness how such pro-active, transparent, forward thinking community leaders can bring about such positive change supported by a progressively developed and established system that is proving to be successful.

Jay Lee Snowden, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

This was an incredible opportunity to work in a completely different legal sector than I have experience in. It gave me an insight into how not for profits without government funding operate and the amazing work that they do with very little resources. I met so many great people who were generous with their time and sharing their experiences with a student.

Holly Fredericksen, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

I developed a real understanding of how those in the legal sector, particularly non-Indigenous people, can engage with Indigenous people, be they as clients, community members or leaders, in a way that brings about positive change in the criminal justice system. I similarly gained an understanding of the ‘behind the scenes’ policy work that is integral to positive law reform in Australia.

Sarah Abell, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

This experience has set up a pathway into my future that I was always keen on pursuing, but it has given me clarity and a realistic vision I can strive to pursue.  I honestly cannot thank Aurora enough for this opportunity and experience and generosity.

Jay Lee Snowden, Just Reinvest/Maranguka