Kimberley Community Legal Service

My time at KCLS was fascinating, challenging and inspiring. The skills you learn at KCLS cannot be adequately explained in a classroom and would benefit any young lawyer or student.​

Susan Flynn, KCLS

My expectations were 100% exceeded. I went from initially asking if i could reduce my internship feeling overwhelmed (after the first day) to not only doing a 6-week internship but am now staying on to do casual work as a paralegal.  I saw first-hand what kind of lawyer I aspire to be. Overall, I was proud of myself for stepping up and seeing through my internship, and gaining knowledge and confidence to do tasks.  This has positively impacted not only myself but has been beneficial to my studies.  I am also thankful for the support the Aurora staff provided.

Ricki-Lee Walley, KCLS

I am grateful I had the chance to be involved in such meaningful work and I feel more inspired than ever to pursue a career in this area

Simone Bova, KCLS

This internship became a really valuable time for me to grasp the way legal practices are run administratively, understand the holistic nature of community legal work, and gain many of the practical skills central to lawyering that are not covered at law school.

Grace Dudley, KCLS

This internship has been an eye opening experience on both a professional and personal level.

Tarnia Johnston, KCLS

My experience in Broome has been a truly defining moment in my law degree and as I set out into the real world it has given me strong direction for my career.

Theo Garrow, KCLS

My time there reminded me of the reasons I chose to do law, so I could use my skills and capacity to assist others in recognising and asserting their rights. My experience went above and beyond my expectations.

Susan Flynn, KCLS