North Queensland Land Council

It was fantastic to see legal recognition finally given to the Traditional Owners, and that all their hard work had paid off. It is amazing how much work is required to get to a consent determination, and I was very lucky to be there to see the end result.

Roxanne Hart, NQLC

I have had a wonderful internship at NQLC and will most definitely be recommending others to undertake an Aurora internship. Everyone has been really supportive and have included me in what they are doing, and I am now quite positive that I would enjoy a career in native title and would not hesitate to apply for a job in this area when I graduate.

Roxanne Hart, NQLC

I am still really enjoying working at the NQLC. I am learning so much, it is fantastic! Unfortunately it goes way too fast, but it is an experience that I will not forget.

Roxanne Hart, NQLC

I would most definitely consider a career in native title now that I have undertaken this internship. I believe native title provides many opportunities that are not available in other fields of law, and the work is most certainly rewarding.

Roxanne Hart, NQLC

My time as an intern with the NQLC and in particular, with the anthropological team has been time well spent and the experience of working within such a positive and inspiring environment has been encouraging, and I consider the Native Title sector one that I would definitely like to be involved with in the future.

Judith Lawson, NQLC

My time as an Aurora intern has provided valuable experience and insight into native title, while also allowing me to contribute to a busy organisation.

Drew Rickard, NQLC

I found the internship rewarding, refreshing, confronting, and challenging and I am optimistic that my future career in law will include native title.

Isabel Leeds, NQLC

I have enjoyed my experience at the NQLC and throughout my time in the Townsville office I have gained further insight into Anthropology as a career, which has in turn given me a greater passion for the field by providing inspiration for achieving my future career goals.

Kristen Parkes, NQLC

My time here has been most informative and I will depart with a greatly enhanced perspective on the lives and choices facing Indigenous Australians.

Graeme Cotter, NQLC

I have learned, during this project, how to think more like an Anthropologist, in order to organize the data in a way which will be useful and relevant to the Anthropology staff at NQLC, these skills, along with the knowledge I am gaining will, I am sure underpin my Honors thesis, PhD, and my future career as an Anthropologist.

Kristen Parkes , NQLC