Terri Janke

Terri Janke & Company Ptd Ltd

This was a valuable, rewarding, well-rounded and enlightening educational experience which showed me that a legal career can be about more than just black letter law; it can be about empowering the community and building relationships.  Indigenous cultural and intellectual property (ICIP) was a fascinating and challenging area of law to experience. I was excited to learn from someone so well regarded and I learnt a great deal under her mentorship.  My time at on placement taught me a key truth: everything in this area of law has to do with people and what motivates them. The law can be used to empower your clients to achieve their dreams, and to fight for their rights when the chips are down.

Sasha Purcell, Terri Janke

Overall, the experience of interning at TJC has been one of the best experiences of my JD degree. I have learnt things and had experiences that I would never have had otherwise.  What I have learnt is that part of being a lawyer is recognizing when you don’t know something and taking steps to remedy this. Whether this be through research, conversations with co-workers, or even through making mistakes, the important thing is to strive to know; and while I am still not sure of my legal future, I definitely want to be someone who strives for knowledge.

Jean Kearney, Terri Janke

I’ve learnt so much and feel that I have a clear direction to head in. Thankyou Terri for an awesome experience…

David Wenitong, Terri Janke