Tranby National Indigenous Adult Education & Training

I have learnt so much from this experience that I plan to use in my future career. My time at TRANBY is something I will never forget and I hope I the work I did is able to help such an amazing place to reach its goals in the future.

Lauren Dahl, TRANBY

My experience at Tranby has shown me that I have valuable skills and knowledge to offer and that I can use these to make a real impact. I know that I have helped transform a concept on paper to a real life project that will launch in coming months, utilising agreements, policies and other documents that I have written.

Anna Tomlin, TRANBY

This was an incredible opportunity that gave me excellent practical experience to pair with the more theoretical knowledge I have gained from my university studies. Many of the skills that I gained will be invaluable in future work I undertake.

Olivia Aitken, TRANBY

Not only was it a positive feeling to know that my supervisor had enough faith in my abilities to allow me to pursue different strands at my own will but it was also an important learning experience in working autonomously and managing priorities in a professional context.

Olivia Aitken, TRANBY