Project Design Principles: Monitoring and Evaluation

Methods for outcomes focused project management

Snap Shot

Project Design Principles will provide an opportunity for project teams from NTRBs and PBCs to develop or refine a monitoring and evaluation process for a ‘live’ project which is either happening or soon to commence.  The best learning will be achieved if a mixed staff team (i.e. a real project team) is able to attend and can bring information about the activity such as its stakeholders and their different interests, its ‘enablers’ and ‘blockers’, and any other formal and informal factors potentially influencing the outcome.  Individual participants will also be catered for and more detail can be provided for those interested in attending.  The program will benefit NTRB and PBC staff involved in outcome focused projects that require monitoring and evaluation.  ​

Linda Kelly is the main presenter. Linda presented a short session on monitoring and evaluation at Aurora’s 2014 Community Development Projects program, following which Aurora received a number of requests for more detailed access to knowledge and skills in this area.  Linda will be joined by Danielle Campbell, manager of the Central Land Council’s Community Development Unit, who will show insights from the monitoring and evaluation work of the CLC.

The program will provide participants with:  

  • a framework for successfully monitoring and evaluating projects
  • guidance around building monitoring and evaluation strategies for a live project
  • an interactive environment to learn from one’s own and other organisation’s project activities.