Research Practices

a program for NTRB research staff


Research Practices covers topics of interest to NTRB research staff. Opportunities for discussion allow you to learn from others and share your insights and experiences.  

In the past topics have included:

  • focusing anthropological research enquiries for the proof of native title
  • effective use of anthropological research methods – practical ways to get the most from your research and strategic considerations in research choices
  • managing the research process when working with consultants
  • new developments in meeting evidentiary requirements
  • briefing consultants for better outcomes – writing briefs which will satisfy legal requirements and allow experts to reach their conclusions
  • exploration of the capabilities brought to native title by the various research disciplines, history in particular, and examination of the complexities faced by cognate disciplines when required to conform to the requirements of legal evidentiary practice
  • issues and solutions for the storage and transfer of cultural and heritage information and materials
  • dispute management skills – learn to tailor your approach to disputes to meet the differing needs of the individuals and groups involved, and the
  • underlying motivations which underpin their behaviour.

Who can attend

To attend this program you must be employed by an NTRB. Research Practices is designed for NTRB research staff, including anthropologists, archeologists and historians.

Each program is entirely new and suitable for those who have attended past programs, as well as those who have not.