Strategic Leadership

A program for CEOs and senior managers


This program covers the interconnected themes of leadership development, measuring impact and fundraising, and a key aim is to provide NTRB leaders with access to the thinking and practice around strategic leadership that’s happening in other areas including the private sector, and to facilitate discussion of its relevance for their own work.

Sessions on leadership development pay attention to the distinction between technical problems (those with identifiable cause and effect links), and more complex challenges which are difficult to identify and require remedies that involve changes in values, beliefs and relationships. The program includes experiential learning in adaptive leadership.  Sessions on impact measurement will explore the methodologies being used by national and international not-for-profit organisations, and discuss the movement away from a short term, ‘outcomes based’ project approach.  The fundraising component of the program will provide information about fundraising systems in the not-for-profit sector, and discuss their relevance for NTRB.