Structuring Entities to Achieve Group Aspirations

For staff designing native title corporations


This program will explore corporate structures which are supportive of native title groups’ cultural, social and economic aspirations, and take into account their current context and legal obligations.  This highly practical program will include examination of case studies, and draw on expert knowledge from within and outside NTRBs.  Program presenters will be advised in the first half of May.

The program is open to all staff at NTRBs working with native title groups in designing their corporate structures and follows the Native Title Conference in Coffs Harbour.

Presenters include: Angus Frith (Native Title Barrister), Diane Smtih (Consultant Anthropologist), Brett Hart (tax specialist with Cleary Hoare Solicitors), Marnie Parkinson (PLO at CLCAC) and Heather Watson (with McCullough Robertson).

Program Overview

  • overview of issues to consider before you start designing a group’s corporate structures
  • native title corporations as the interface between two worlds: needing to satisfy community and government/other party needs
  • pros and cons of various approaches (corporate entities, complex structures, trusts etc)
  • options for incorporation including : CATSI Act 2006; Corporations Act 2001; state legislation
  • recent legislative developments regarding the taxation of native title benefits and public benefit test for charitable trusts.