Working in the Indigenous sector

Paid placements

Part-time, locum (2 to 11 mths) and full-time paid placement opportunities are available through Aurora, usually as a direct outcome of an unpaid placement. You should check the job network for employment opportunities.

In general, we try to propose people for longer-term paid placements who have graduated and/ or who have completed an unpaid Aurora internship. This gives both the intern and the host organisation an opportunity for a 'try-out' work experience in the area.

If you are interested in paid opportunities, we encourage you to apply for an internship first and if you progress to the interview stage, you can mention your interest in an ongoing paid placement, which may eventuate following on from your unpaid internship.

Interns are usually placed over the winter and summer university breaks, however there is flexibility around these timeframes for applicants who have already graduated.

We rely completely on demand from the host organisations, so it is difficult to know in advance what paid positions may be available.

It is interesting to note that:

  • Over 500 internship alumni (over 25%) been employed in a full-time or part-time capacity in the broader Indigenous sector.
  • Over 25% of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Aurora alumni have been employed in the Indigenous sector. 

Email the Placements team for more information.