Achieving Informed Consent


Achieving Informed Consent will provide a forum to explore NTRB approaches to achieving Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC).  It will benefit any NTRB staff with responsibilities in areas of community engagement and decision making (including anthropologists, community liaison/engagement staff, PBC support staff and lawyers) as well as those concerned with ensuring organisational processes are informed by the principles of FPIC.

The program includes four key elements (please see below to Learn More):

  • current status of FPIC in Australia and internationally and the implications of this for the Australian native title sector - Angus Frith and Toni Bauman
  • an experience of Open Space Technology (OST) - Brendan McKeague with contributions from YMAC
  • transforming conflict - Jim Cyngler with contributions from NTSV
  • discussion and sharing amongst presenters and participants about methods for community engagement, conflict management and decision making, with the opportunity to develop further collaboration.

Participants will experience a number of practices in collaborative learning, dialogue and self-organisation.  These methods will be complemented by short presentations, with all program presenters remaining throughout the program to support rich discussions and exploration of the ways different methods might inform NTRB practices. 

"At YMAC we have found that the core principles of OST have shaped the way we prepare for and run meetings.  We are finding that complex Native Title community/working group issues require collaborative and emergent designs to assist Native Title groups with the decisions they need to make in relation to their claims.  As an organisation we are learning to be more responsive to the issues communities are raising and to find better ways to work alongside our clients in the challenging world of native title.” Michael Meegan, PLO, YMAC

 “I am excited by the prospect of a workshop on achieving informed consent and effective community engagement.  I have had some exposure to both open space and transformative methodologies and believe they can offer a lot to native title practitioners as we continue to grapple with how best to engage with, and take instructions from, native title groups.  I anticipate the workshop will be highly participatory and will draw on the rich depth of experience of those who attend.” Tony Kelly, Managing Lawyer NTSV​