Internship alumni network

Participation in the Internship Program links alumni to Aurora’s extensive network which in turn offers future employment opportunities in the areas of policy development, land rights and research in the native title and broader Indigenous sectors.

In line with the Program’s objective to improve the attraction and retention of graduates to work in the Indigenous sector, over 540 alumni have gone on to work in a full-time or part-time capacity at organisations working in the native title and broader Indigenous sector.  All of these alumni have noted that their decision to work in the sector has been greatly influenced by their Aurora internship.

Check the job network for employment opportunities.

Aurora is keen to hear about our alumni particularly if you apply for a paid position and/or are offered employment or are working on a project of interest to other alumni.  It is important that alumni email the Placements team so that we can update our records.

In November 2014, the Placements Team launched the 2014/15 Aurora Alumni Drive.  We reached out to over 1,400 Aurora alumni to complete the ten minute on-line questionnaire as a means to gather information about the longer-term impact of the Program and to look at ways to improve and sustain the Internship Program.  Overall, the response has been positive and reaffirms the overriding aim of the Program, which continues to operate as an attraction and retention mechanism for the native title and broader Indigenous sector. 

We have also recently set up the Aurora Alumni Network Facebook Group. You can find and request to join the group here: Please note that the Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics for the Internship Program applies to your participation in this group.  Be sure to read the full group description before joining.