Artback NT

Artback NT

I definitely developed professionally, gaining new transferable skills and valuable industry knowledge (Arts & Culture Sector).  Taking the lead role in research and development of an Artback NT public arts project for submission to Activate Darwin's Transforming Public Spaces Challenge was definitely a highlight of the internship. Undertaking an internship is a fantastic first step on any career pathway. As well as gaining practical work experience and new skills, many of which are transferable across multi-disciplines, this was a fantastic opportunity to start building a professional network.

Barbara Allan, Artback NT

I have the confidence to explore pathways and gain experience to learn where it is I would like to end up, whereas previously I felt pressure to decide on a career immediately after graduating. I have gained invaluable contacts. 

Lara McArthur-Dowty , Artback NT

The versatility of how Artback NT operates and the passionate efforts the entire team put into their projects was truly inspirational. Subsequently, the magnitude of cultural, political and practical knowledge that I learnt through the experience was enormous. 

Eve Pawlik, Artback NT

The Aurora internship has provided me with invaluable vocational experience and direction which I felt was lacking in my academic focused Indigenous Studies degree. I feel I have gained confidence, skills and experience to enter in to the work force. 

Lara McArthur-Dowty , Artback NT

It has been a really valuable and eye opening experience, and has certainty given me great insight into the world of NT arts and community development and some further vocational experience.

Mia Tinkler, Artback NT