Agreements, Treaties and Negotiated Settlements Project

I learnt a lot more about Indigenous culture, history and some of the landmark cases within Australia. Overall, this was a valuable experience for my law degree as I now have insight into the area of native title that I would not have had otherwise.

Alison Kay, ATNS

Thank you so much for placing me at ATNS. The experience has reconfirmed my desire to work in native title law.

Sharon Ahmer, ATNS

It was a rich learning experience and which went far beyond what my compulsory law subjects at university have offered, and allowed me to see what it would be like to work in this field.  This has opened my eyes to the range of career options available to me where the legal sector and the Indigenous sector cross over.

Sarah Madden , ATNS

I really enjoyed learning about the Indigenous agreements and how community minded Indigenous people are. Has made me want to work with Indigenous organisations and people.

Sharlene Kuruppuarachchi, ATNS

Working with the ATNS project has been great as it has given me a perspective on native title which was never even touched on in my studies of native title at University. It has been a truly invaluable experience.

Sarah Madden, ATNS