Barengi Gadjin Land Council Aboriginal Corporation

Experiencing what it is like to work ‘on the field’ has really ignited my passion for working with people and has really given me that push in the right direction to pursue a future in anthropology. ​

Courtney Boag, BGLC

Overall my position as intern was extremely positive. An insider’s perspective enhanced my knowledge of complexities entailed in the roles and obligations of Land Councils (and native title outcomes).  More importantly, it afforded me the opportunity of friendship with the Barengi Gadjin community, and the privilege of a more nuanced understanding of Traditional Owner viewpoints.

Angel Bottaro, BGLC

It was fantastic to be exposed to the large range of work that BGLC is involved in, the opportunities and constraints that come with PBC and RAP status, and some of the difficulties both internal and external. I really think that it is much easier to begin to understand these issues through work experience.

Fenella Atkinson, BGLC

The people I met while working in Horsham not only facilitated an incredibly eye-opening experience for me but they have left a remarkable imprint in my heart and I hope to continue to work with them in their aspirating pursuits with cultural heritage and land management. ​

Courtney Boag, BGLC

I think I have grown a great deal professionally and personally. This was a great insight into working within the Indigenous sector rather than with it.

Madeleine Kelly , BGLC

Every day I feel more and more privileged for living upon and learning so much about a country that is overflowing with culture, heritage and beauty.

Sylvie Heywood, BGLC

The best aspects of the internship program is the practical learning and therefore understanding of what actually happens in such organisations - I would never have known how varied and involved the land council's work was, without having undertaken the internship.  My internship was incredibly varied and I was invited to participate in many activities that the BGLC are involved in, including meetings, archaeological digs, research, trips On Country etc.

Angel Bottaro, BGLC

I made new friendships and learnt valuable lessons on intercultural relations whilst being granted the opportunity to learn about the Wotjobaluk Nations culture. As well I gained invaluable experience. The internship gives you the opportunity to work with a First Nation group, to learn more about the cultures of our country, and broaden your horizon and understanding of cultural complexities. 

Sylvie Heywood, BGLC

Overall, this internship has been absolutely crucial in developing knowledge about my field, and my own personal growth in pursuing my future career goals. I hope to take what I have learnt, and apply it to make positive change in Australia when it comes to Indigenous affairs. 

Gloria Demillo, BGLC

Without this internship, I would have not been able to feel more confident about my future career as an Anthropologist.

Gloria Demillo, BGLC

I was challenged so much in this program but that was the best part!. I love that this program truly throws you out of your comfort zone by choosing your path of where you will intern for you. BGLC truly introduced me to so many amazing people who have taught me so much about the land, this sector and also about what it is like to be aboriginal in 2018. I am so grateful for this program.

Jessica Naylor, BGLC

The internship program provides you will the skills, knowledge and experience that university cannot provide. It's truly an all encompassing program that not only gave me practical growth to help me in my studies, but it also developed me as a person. I feel more motivated and committed to challenging myself and reaching my career goals. 

Gloria Demilllo, BGLC

I walked away not only with a greater knowledge and skill set, but also inspired to do more for first nations’ and their beautiful country.

Brittni Dienhoff, BGLC