Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation

Interning at CLCAC greatly exceeded my expectations in terms of how substantial a contribution I would be able to make. It was incredibly valuable to consider legalistic matters like agreements and cultural heritage legislation from different perspectives, such as business development and anthropology. Completing an Aurora internship provided a uniquely practical insight into working in native title.

Laura Mwiragua, CLCAC

I had no idea that my placement would make such an impact on me. I have been studying with the goal to work in a similar field and now that I have been offered a short term contract., I truly value this opportunity and feel that it has been a great moment in my career.

Melanie Dulfer-Hyams, CLCAC

From working with everyone at the CLCAC I have learnt to see that country does not end at the gate to a cattle station, that traditional knowledge has an essential role in understanding local natural systems, and that there are many different tools that can be used to strengthen Indigenous rights in natural resource management. 

Melanie Dulfer-Hyams, CLCAC