Dugalunji Aboriginal Corporation/Indjalandji-Dhidhanu Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

It was a privilege to work with important material in a 'real-life' setting, and especially with the Connection Report for the current Native Title claim. I also had limited, but valued, interaction with the Traditional Owners.

Lee Braden, DAC/IDAC

I was able to witness firsthand the empowering impact that knowledge of history and pride in culture can have on people and I was also given the opportunity to work directly with Traditional Owners.  The mentoring that I received at the Myuma Group was also excellent.

Connor Dalgety, DAC/IDAC

I found the most rewarding aspect of the placement to be the interaction with such a diverse array of people. The camp at Dugalanji Aboriginal Corporation was a melting pot of perspectives on native title and cultural heritage management.  

Clare Ammenhauser, DAC/IDAC

I think that the Aurora placements team does a fabulous job of keeping people focused, reminding them of their responsibilities and the big picture, and making Aurora a valuable national resource

Lee Braden, DAC/IDAC

I think the Spinifex Project represents an amazing opportunity for the development a new sustainable industry in northern Queensland that places Indigenous communities front and centre, and I feel proud to have contributed to this work and impressed by the determination and creativity of everyone involved. My time in Queensland not only afforded me insight into an incredibly interesting project, I was able for a short-time to become part of a friendly and welcoming community. And that was a worthwhile experience in itself.

Francesca Noakes, DAC/IDAC