Indigenous Business Australia

My internship was a very fulfilling and exciting experience. This experience has given me confidence and will be useful for me together with my skills, my past work experience and study to gain employment in legal in the future.

Vivienne Abeywardena, IBA

I feel so grateful to be given the opportunity to have such an extraordinary experience, as I only have an administrative background of real world experience of financials and Indigenous business development and growth, and to have the opportunity to develop with my degree and utilise my skills learned from uni is a great advantage on my career development.  My experience here with the IBA team has been an “epic” adventure and has broadened my mind on indigenous engagement, development and commerce opportunities for the indigenous community as well as the small business and home ownership opportunities to the Indigenous community.

Cassandra Page, IBA

The best aspects of the internship program are the practical working experience, career advice you get from people working in the organisation, and greater understanding of issues facing indigenous peoples and indigenous culture.

Connie Beswick, IBA

Overall, I have really enjoyed the sort of work that I have been doing at IBA. I have loved to see how using knowledge, particularly in relation to Corporations Law, contracts, and trusts, can be used for purposes other than simply for ordinary private business, namely, closing the gap for the welfare of indigenous Australians.

Connie Beswick, IBA

I have no doubt that my internship at IBA helped me to hone competencies which will be of vital importance as a legal practitioner. The Program represents a valuable opportunity to gain an insight into the issues facing Indigenous communities and the nature of employment in the Indigenous sector in Australia.

Sonya Campbell , IBA

More than the practical legal experience at IBA, which was invaluable, what I appreciate most, in hindsight, was the way it opened up my mind to the future of native title and legal work in the indigenous sector.

Madeleine Plester, IBA