The work at NTSCORP was very engaging and varied - I felt I gained insight into the breadth of the native title process, including from the beginning of the claim to consent determinations and work with PBCs managing their native title rights and interests post-determination.  The internship program is a great way to gain experience in an interesting and complex area of law. Aurora has proven to be supportive and communicative, and it has been comforting to know that there are a team of friendly, approachable staff that will get back to you quickly if you have any concerns.

Irene Gallagher, NTSCORP

This has helped clarify the career path I would like to pursue once I graduate university and so was a very valuable experience. ​ ​

Alex Epstein, NTSCORP

I think my experience with NTSCORP has been vital in my development as a prospective legal professional and I will be keeping my eyes open for positions in NTRB’s around Australia next year.

Ronny Mounarath, NTSCORP

The experience I have gained and knowledge acquired in the very short time is certainly invaluable and I am looking forward to build on this in the years to come. ​

Stefanie Schilkowski, NTSCORP

This Aurora placement at NTSCORP was hands down one of the best practical experiences of my life from an educational perspective for my law degree. The environment was amazing, the people were amazing, and the knowledge and practical skills I gained were invaluable.

Luke Crofts, NTSCORP

I just want to say thank you to you and your team for all the work that makes the Aurora internship program possible. The Aurora program has been the highlight of my 6 year degree.

Daniele Wilson, NTSCORP

I have learnt so much about the area of law from both the perspective of the claimant and the lawyer. It has been an invaluable experience for my personal and professional development as a lawyer and a culturally competent human in Australia.

Matilda Vaughan, NTSCORP

I would have been very unsure about the right pathway to working in the Indigenous sector if I had not had the opportunity to complete an Aurora Internship. The experience has had a concrete effect on my plans — I'm now looking toward working in native title law over the next two years while I complete my degree, and applying for a graduate position in the Indigenous Sector when I finish. In this way, the program has been completely life-changing!

James Stratton, NTSCORP

This was a rewarding experience as I was able to build my knowledge on native title law and get true insights into the process. Additionally it was a great opportunity to develop practical legal skills, which is important as I near the end of my studies.  Undeniably, a significant learning experience for me was in gaining a more informed understanding of indigenous cultures.

Zac Galbally, NTSCORP

From my experience, the best part about the program is that it provides interns with a genuine opportunity to engage with professionals and to make an active contribution to the organisation they are placed in.

Timothy Maybury, NTSCORP

I did not have any experience in native title prior to my placement, but I have left inspired to pursue further work in native title and the broader Indigenous sector. I have gained an appreciation for how native title operates in practice, and some of the systemic issues and challenges facing native title claimants and native title holders.

Irene Gallagher, NTSCORP

It has been a wonderful experience, and has confirmed an area of law that I am very interested in and can see offering very rewarding career opportunities.

Carla Di Giusto, NTSCORP

It has been insightful to learn the practicalities and intricacies of the native title process, including all the agreements and governance structures that characterise the system.

Stephanie Batsakis, NTSCORP

Interning at NTSCORP was a far more fulfilling, enriching and learning experience than I could have imagined. The thing that most stood out to me was that despite a massive (and evidently never-ending workload), everyone at NTSCORP was so welcoming, enthusiastic and fun-loving. It was a working environment that is second-to-none.

Ajay Sivanathan, NTSCORP

True to the very reasons the program was established (i.e. to provide support to an important yet under-resourced sector within Indigenous affairs), interns get the sense that their supervisors are not merely generating tasks to keep them occupied, but rather that the intern is actually assisting people with doing their jobs.

Timothy Maybury, NTSCORP

For me, one of the greatest benefits of undertaking the Aurora internship is that it inevitably doubled as an accelerated, yet highly detailed learning experience through which I without doubt developed a far better understanding of the complex native title process than I ever had beforehand.

Timothy Maybury, NTSCORP

I gained an insight into a slice of the native title system as I became familiar with the complexities and nuances of one particular claim.

Clancy Goslett-King, NTSCORP

I have had an absolute blast, and have learnt a great deal about a lot of issues in Native Title that I had no idea about before. In addition, I have been given a great deal of responsibility, which was really unexpected but really exciting.

Ajay Sivanathan, NTSCORP

I would certainly consider a career in native title feeling much more informed than I was before the internship.

Clancy Goslett-King, NTSCORP

My internship at NTSCORP has played an important role in my training as a prospective legal professional in the environmental space. I'll always be thankful to SDU for taking me in and putting so much trust in my ability to work autonomously on important legal and non-legal matters as I have grown immensely from the experience.  

Ronny Mounarath, NTSCORP

The most rewarding aspect of the internship was the opportunity to be embedded in an organisation that deals with an area of law that sits at the intersection of Indigenous issues, land use and management, environment and cultural heritage.

Andrew Brodzeli, NTSCORP

The most rewarding aspect of the placement was becoming familiar with the background and progression of particular matters in a more than superficial sense; realising that I was capable of providing genuine assistance to staff working in a tightly resourced organisation that does great work for Traditional Owners in NSW and ACT.

Timothy Maybury, NTSCORP

Overall I have had a fantastic time at NTSCORP!  I learned a lot about native title, especially regarding the early stages of a native title claim, which was an area that was new to me. My time at NTSCORP has reaffirmed to me that this is a field I definitely would love to work in in the future

Sarah Madden, NTSCORP

I am extremely glad I decided to do an internship. I had an amazing time at NTSCORP, it was great learning experience, I met some fantastic people and I feel I now have a better idea of how anthropology can be used in the real world to help real people.

Laura Parsons, NTSCORP

I’ve come away thoroughly inspired by the people I worked alongside. Their dedication to native title, willingness to share their knowledge, and vote of confidence in us humble interns, made it a truly valuable experience!

Marianne Touma, NTSCORP

Interning at NTSCORP was a far more fulfilling, enriching and learning experience than I could have imagined. The thing that most stood out to me was that despite a massive (and evidently never-ending workload), everyone at NTSCORP was so welcoming, enthusiastic and fun-loving. It was a working environment that is second-to-none.

Ajay Sivanathan, NTSCORP

Most significantly, I gained insight into native title law and the inevitable complexities involved in it, particularly the extent of cross-cultural communication and co-ordination required.

Gabi Cohen, NTSCORP

I've had an opportunity to learn so much about time management and developing a client focus in the provision of legal advice and services. I never expected that the experience would help so much in carving my career aspirations in the environmental law space.  

Ronny Mounarath, NTSCORP

My time as an Aurora intern has been some of the most personally and professionally rewarding I have enjoyed while at university and since graduating.

James Vandermeide , NTSCORP

The prospect of leaving the organisation was the only difficulty I had to deal with. I am looking forward to pursuing opportunities within the Native Title system to further my contribution and passion for the area.  

Ronny Mounarath, NTSCORP

During my time with NTSCORP I quickly learned how much host organisations value Aurora interns, and how the internship so often serves as the first crucial foot in the door.

Timothy Maybury, NTSCORP

I found that the exposure to native title, with its work and passionate practitioners the most rewarding part of my placement. I gained a deeper understanding of the amount of work it takes to not just proceed to a determination, but also the long-standing work required to ensure that Traditional Owners are able to exercise their rights. In another way, I found the entire experience extremely inspiring.

Ajay Sivanathan, NTSCORP

This experience has not only deepened my understanding of the law directly relating to native title claims, but the complex other legal and practical issues surrounding the native title claim itself.

Soraya Pradham, NTSCORP

This internship enlightened me to the extent of the intersection of native title with environmental law, property law, Aboriginal land law, and mining and resource development law and interests. 

Emily Anderson-James, NTSCORP

It is no exaggeration that my Aurora placement at NTSCORP has been one of the most inspiring, eye-opening and rewarding experience of my life!

Lucy Sunman, NTSCORP

The five weeks I spent with NTSCORP were a highlight of my degree and an experience that I am very grateful for. My placement has confirmed that I want to pursue a career in the native title sector.

Daniele Wilson, NTSCORP