Paradisec, University of Sydney

The best aspects of the internship program in general is the opportunity to get real experience working in Indigenous affairs. Also, the networking opportunities are incredible as you are able to meet people within your industry and make positive connections, which are priceless for future employment opportunities. As well as this, being able to get paid for the work is incredibly important. As someone who has carer responsibilities, I would not have been able to participate if I had to work for free. The fact that Aurora funds the internship is so important and really amazing. I wish I had done an internship every year of my degree.

Ashleigh Johnstone, Paradisec

I would highly recommend undertaking an Aurora internship at PARADESIC to anyone with a strong interest in the Indigenous sector and an interest in an academic career, particularly anthropology, history, linguistics or musicology.

Zephyr Pavey, Paradisec