TAI - Scholarships

The Aspiration Initiative

This week at TAI has truly provided me with more than I ever thought I would get out of an internship: I have really come to understand the gravity of what TAI is hoping to accomplish and the impact it could have on each child within the program. My experiences have truly been a life-changing experience.

Srishti Shrestha, TAI - Scholarships

I have been exposed to a plethora of knowledge about TAI, children, relationships, Noongar culture, myself and people in general.

Chloe Johnston, TAI - Scholarships

The internship influenced my thoughts about future career options and made me think more deeply about the value of education and my own privilege.   

Emma Macintosh, TAI - Scholarships

What continues to surprise me about TAI’s program is the individualised, tailored nature of the program and flexibility of the staff to accommodate to the individual needs of students and the swiftness with which they respond.

Maliha Rahman, TAI - Scholarships