Overseas scholarships awarded to Aurora alumni

Harj Narulla was awarded the 2016 NSW Rhodes Scholarship to attend Oxford University.  During the winter of 2013 while studying at UNSW Law School, Harj undertook an Aurora legal internship at the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA).

Harj becomes the 8th Aurora internship alum to be awarded a Rhodes Scholarship since the inception of the Aurora Internship Program in 2004.  The group of 8 includes Rebecca Richards, Australia’s first Indigenous Rhodes Scholar.

Here are the details of the 7 past winners who were:

  • David Winterton (summer 2004/05, legal internship at Cape York Institute)
  • Angela Cummine (winter 2005, legal internship at Central Queensland Land Council Aboriginal Corporation)
  • Eric Knight (winter 2006, legal internship at the Central Land Council)
  • Rebecca Richards (summer 2009/10, anthro internship at South Australian Native Title Services)
  • Alice Lang (summer 2010/11, social science internship at Aurora and The Aspiration Initiative)
  • Kunal Sharma (summer 2012/13, legal internship at the Aboriginal Legal Service)
  • Emily Burke (summer 2013/14, legal internship at law firm Chalk & Fitzgerald (doing native title work for claimants).

Aurora alum, Rebecca Richards was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship for study at Oxford University in 2011. Rebecca’s selection is an historic moment as she is the first Indigenous Australian to win the preeminent scholarship for Australian graduates. Rebecca found out about the Rhodes in the Aurora Education Foundation postgraduate scholarship guide.

Rebecca was placed as an Aurora anthropology intern in the summer 2009/10 round at Australian Legal Rights Movement (ALRM) and South Australia Native Title Services (SANTS) in Adelaide. Rebecca has completed her PhD in Anthropology focussing on the digital repatriation of the objects and knowledge from the Pitt Rivers Museum and Bodleian Library at Oxford to the relevant Indigenous communities. Rebecca was also a recipient of a Monash and Fullbright Scholarship. 

          "The Aurora Project has made a great difference in my life. The support gained from having an organisation that understands Indigenous struggles and issues, that recognises the importance and value of our cultural beliefs and practices and that provides a venue wherein students can feel supremely comfortable in the midst of the often overwhelming university environment, is immeasurable".

Roberta Sykes Harvard Club Scholarship 2011 awarded to an Aurora alum

Aurora alum, Tim Goodwin became the inaugural Roberta Sykes Harvard Club Scholar (2011) from The Roberta Sykes Indigenous Education Foundation Trustees and the Harvard Club of Australia (HCA). Tim undertook an LL.M. (Master of Laws) at Harvard University, commencing September 2011. Tim was placed as an Aurora legal intern at Central Land Council (CLC) in the winter 2006 round.

As part of his LL.M. at Harvard, Tim examined how the Australian constitutional system might recognise a legally-binding agreement between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Tim intends to continue work as solicitor with a view to becoming a barrister. He plans to inspire young Indigenous Australians so they realise that they can succeed in any place, at any institution, and in any field.

Tim was recently a finalist for VIC Young Australian of the Year 2012.

In addition:

Julia Mansour, Aurora alum placed at AHRC (formerly HREOC) who then went on to work full-time at AHRC,  was a recipient of a Fullbright and Lionel Murphy Scholarship.