Participatory Processes for PBC Decision Making

For NTRB staff supporting PBCs in group consultation and decision-making


This is a highly practical program focussing on processes that can be employed by NTRB staff working with PBCs when group decisions need to be made. The program aims to extend participants’ awareness of methods available to facilitate complex decision making in the native title context. Starting with a review of core facilitation skills on the first day, participants will be exposed to a number of methods for participatory decision making, including visual aids drawing on internationally recognised methodologies. Time will also be spent reviewing the legal decision making construct within which PBCs operate, as well as the implications for decision-making processes of requirements for free, prior and informed consent.

The program is open to all staff at NTRBs working closely with PBCs and is highly recommended for those who attended Train-the-trainer for NTRBs Supporting PBCs in 2013 (although this is not a pre-requisite).