Amy Humphries

Native Title
Summer 2009

The Aurora Project provides opportunities for internships for students of Anthropology, Law and the Social Sciences with an interest in Native Title. The internship program is primarily designed to provide support to Native Title Representative Bodies (NTRB). However interns can also gain valuable experiences in a niche field and further develop their understanding of Native Title, especially its importance to Indigenous groups in Australia.

As a student about to finish my Honours in Anthropology, an internship with a NTRB appealed to me as an opportunity to develop my understanding of Native Title and the role of Anthropology in this process. I applied for an internship with the Aurora Project during Semester two in 2008 and was placed with Queensland South Native Title Services (QSNTS) in Brisbane.

From the beginning of my internship my co-workers took the time to educate me on the challenges and particular requirements of the Native Title process, particularly the role of Anthropology in exploring the traditional aspects of contemporary Indigenous communities. Particular attention was paid to aspects of applied Anthropology in the Native Title process, helping me to take my theoretical knowledge of Anthropology into a real world sphere.

Working as an Aurora Project intern was a fantastic opportunity to learn about Native Title and explore my passion for Anthropology in a setting outside the structures of academia. The internship also led to my current employment with QSNTS where I have worked as a researcher since December 2008.