Chenoa Masters

Social Science
Summer 2018

When I heard about the Aurora Internship Program I was completing my fourth year of my Education degree, part time, and returning home from a year studying and teaching abroad. After being away for so long, I felt like it was time to get back to my people and work with mob in community. At first, I was hesitant as education is such a difficult field to complete internships in. However, the incredible staff at Aurora reached out to me and showed me all the options available within an education spectrum working with students. The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) may have been my second or third choice, so again I started off unsure, however this turned out to be the best fit I could have ever asked for.

NCIE is an incredible community which has so many programs running in every area, has a positive environment based around a healthy lifestyle for our people and has a wide, and I mean wide, network of Indigenous companies and communities. The programs office I was placed it was a fun and supportive team, which had 3 programs; Children Services, Talking About Tabaco Use and Indigenous Digital Excellence. On arrival I was given the option if I wanted to sit down and focus on one of these programs or to oversee them all and have experience with them all. Not only did my experiences end in my office, there were other areas of NCIE such as the communications team and the gym which I got to experience and work alongside.

Over my six weeks at NCIE, I did a few days in Children Services working in after school care or holiday programs. Those kids will steal your heart with those eyes. The first few weeks I was working more closely with the TATU team. Working here I had a wide range of experiences, starting with workshops with communities, covering huge events such as Yabun and the Indigenous NRL Festival and I even got to design collateral for the company. The final few weeks I worked more with Indigenous Digital Excellence (IDX) where I got to write facilitator workbooks, help with structuring the next 18 months of the program and even travel to communities in Australia to deliver technologies to schools. Over this time, I had the opportunities to use and develop skills I have had but never had a chance to use. On top of all these incredible experiences NCIE also were happy to train me up, I have learnt how to fly drones and became a qualified Apple Teacher through an Apple training provider. The possibilities are endless.

During my six week internship I was supported by NCIE, Aurora as well as Commonwealth funding. After travelling for so long that without this funding I would not have been able to dedicate 6 weeks of my university holidays to this incredible program. I would not have had the opportunity to learn and grow both personally and professionally. I would recommend Aurora and NCIE to anyone who will listen, I would go back in a heartbeat. Thank you to everyone involved who gave me the chance to give back to our people.