Daniele Wilson

Native Title
Summer 2017

I was placed as an intern via the Aurora Internship Program with the NTSCORP legal team from mid January to late February 2017. NTSCORP is a Native Title Service Provider (NTSP) located in Redfern, Sydney, which provides a broad range of services for Aboriginal Traditional Owners in NSW and the ACT. These broad services include, but are not limited to, native title research, strategic development, genealogies, native title community facilitation, native title claims and other legal services arising from the operation of the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) (NTA).

Over the five weeks as an intern at NTSCORP, I was given a wide range of tasks that were both interesting and challenging. The tasks included: writing policy memos;working with affidavits; summarising case law; inquiring into accommodation and conference rooms for meetings; legal and land tenure research; and a range of other administration tasks. Members of the legal team also gave me the opportunity to attend and take notes on a range of internal and external meetings between NTSCORP and other stakeholders. These tasks gave me a deeper insight into the work a Native Title Service Provider does on a daily basis.

During the placement, I was able to develop my professional skills and be introduced to other areas of work such as policy. Writing policy memos gave me a boarder understanding behind the purpose and operation of the NTA and the varying interests the NTA protects.

Having the opportunity to work with a large team of lawyers exposes you to an array of matters from native title claims, negotiations and future acts. The legal team offers a supportive environment that encourages you to learn and pursue your individual areas of interest. I also enjoyed working with other professions within NTSCORP such as anthropologists, historians and community facilitators as this really gave me an insight into the diverse range of occupations needed in the NTSP sector. 

If you have an interest in native title or Indigenous Affairs, I would highly recommend the Aurora Internship Program. The five weeks I spent with NTSCORP were a highlight of my degree and an experience that I am very grateful for. My placement at NTSCORP has confirmed that I want to pursue a career in the native title sector.  Thank you NTSCORP and Aurora!

Applications for the Aurora Internship Program 2017 winter round are now open through till 31st March, 2017. For more information, please visit http://auroraproject.com.au/about-applying-internship