Joanna Bielby

Barristers/Legal Firms
Winter 2018


In the winter break I was fortunate enough to undertake a four-week internship at Terri Janke and Company under the guidance of Terri Janke and her team through the Aurora Internship Program. Over this period I learnt an incredible amount, ranging from legal to non-legal knowledge as well as practical skills for application in not only the legal profession, but everyday life. I am incredibly grateful to have been able to undertake this internship and am certain it will guide and enhance my future career as a legal professional.

I began my internship having completed only one unit on intellectual property at university but was soon to learn more about this area of law and the need for it to extend beyond the current legal framework to encompass Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP). It was clear that Terri Janke’s True Track Principles guide this area of law to ensure the deserved respect and recognition is provided to Indigenous peoples’ cultural heritage and traditional knowledge.

The variety of work that Terri Janke and Company undertake meant that I completed a number of different tasks, both independently and in collaboration with Terri Janke and her team during my internship, including:

  • Drafting a policy outlining copyright principles and ICIP protocols using the True Tracks Principles;
  • Editing and conducting research into a report mapping Indigenous agency across Australia;
  • Conducting part of a contract review, outlining the provisions in plain English for the client;
  • Engaging clients and developing a greater understanding of the importance of developing client relationships;
  • Researching and applying intellectual property law and Australian Consumer Law to clients’ issues;
  • Drafting a copyright and ICIP licence agreement for a client;
  • Reviewing and researching international trade marks to ensure the extension of an Australian trade mark overseas would be possible;
  • Adding in minutes from various conferences in a report aiding the development of a 10-Year Road Map for Museums and Galleries Australia; and
  • Preparing a True Tracks Workshop, which was presented by Terri Janke, and I was fortunate enough to attend to understand how the Principles apply in practice.

I was also fortunate enough to be interning at Terri Janke and Company during NAIDOC Week. In celebration, I was able to attend events where Terri Janke was a panel member or speaker, which provided an insight into her experience. I was also granted the privilege of attending Indigenous Business Australia’s NAIDOC Breakfast and the 2018 NAIDOC Awards which were both incredible and educative events. The NAIDOC theme ‘because of her, we can!’ was very fitting, with Terri Janke and her team an inspiration to me as an upcoming lawyer.

Interning at Terri Janke and Company provided a rare learning opportunity to work with experienced and exceptional lawyers and staff in a friendly and encouraging environment. I thoroughly enjoyed my time interning for Terri Janke and her team, with their guidance providing an engaging introduction to intellectual property law and much needed knowledge on ICIP. I would strongly recommend to anyone studying law to undertake an internship through the Aurora Internship Program.