Resource Economics


This is a specialised program covering mining, oil and gas economics for NTRB staff involved in negotiations with resources companies. It will focus on understanding the economic and practical drivers of the resources sector, so that you are better able to position your arguments, and find points of leverage in negotiations. 

2013 program topics included:

  • Overview of the Australian resources sector
  •  recent developments and future trends
  •  the sector’s role in state, territory and Commonwealth economies
  •  company business models and approaches to risk

Assessing project proposals

  •  methods for accessing expertise and information
  •  interpreting Economic Assessment Reports

Project risks and structuring financial benefits

  •  analysing project risks and developing strategies to mitigate their impact
  •  advantages and pitfalls of common options in structuring benefit packages

Detailed discussion of different commodities including iron ore and bauxite, gold, oil and gas, uranium and renewables covering:

  •  global demand and supply issues
  •  trends in the Australian context.

The program also included perspectives from mining companies and draw on expertise from corporate legal and finance sectors. Primary presenters included:

Cameron Syme: lead negotiator for the KLC on the Kimberley LNG negotiations and has represented TO’s from Torres Strait, Queensland and the Kimberley. He has worked as Legal Counsel for Shell Development Australia in upstream energy and since 2004 he has been a director of Latro Lawyers based in Albany, WA.

Barry Lewin: Managing Director of SLMCorporate which provides strategic legal and financial advice on business transactions including restructuring, debt and equity issues, mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, business sales and public floats. Barry has also served as a Company Secretary and General Counsel to an international resources company.

Kuo ning Ho: Manager at SLMCorporate specialising in the provision of strategic reviews, market and competitor analysis, valuation and economic modeling in industrial, technology and energy companies.